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Mastering the Art of Research for Powerful Presentations

By Abbi Leverton

"Hi I’m Abbi, I work with RecWorks on the Aspiring Women Speakers group."

Aspiring Women Speakers (AWS) have engaged in thought-provoking discussions, sharing their unique approaches to research and information gathering for presentations. Ensuring the accuracy and credibility of content is crucial for impactful presentations. In this blog post, we explore the perspectives shared by AWS members, shedding light on their strategies to deliver compelling and well-researched talks.

Angela Channer, Principal Software Craftsperson at Codurance, emphasises the significance of credible sources in her factual presentations: "Research is difficult and sometimes not an option as talks are often about experience and stories. I’m someone who likes visuals and stories (I always wanted to be a writer growing up), so usually a brain storm of the general topics and then trying to find personal stories that fit is my usual MO. Anything I say is backed up by several credible sources and then often sanity checked with colleagues. I 100% agree on getting feedback from colleagues and friends.”

Alicja Ogonowska, Flutter Developer at Equiqo, reveals an innovative research tip she recently tried: "I used my talk abstract with ChatGPT and asked it what questions could be raised by the audience and what topics one needs to know to be able to call themselves [talk topic] expert. The answers allowed me to check if I didn’t skip anything important in my talk agenda and, of course, prepare better for the Q&A."

Leena Mooneeram, Developer Productivity Engineer at Chainalysis, appreciates Alicja's idea, showcasing the collaborative spirit within the AWS community: "I have a small group of friends and colleagues who, in return for my undying love, affection, and respect, are willing to experience the first public draft of my talks and give me feedback. Being open to correcting and updating your content based on new and more information is key, even after you’ve delivered the talk."

In conclusion, AWS members demonstrate their commitment to delivering well-researched and credible presentations. From relying on personal experiences to fact-checking with reputable sources and using innovative tools, they ensure the accuracy of their content. The AWS community's supportive nature fosters a culture of collaboration, empowering women speakers to refine their presentations and make a lasting impact on their audiences. Embracing these strategies, public speakers elevate their speaking prowess, captivate their audiences, and contribute to meaningful conversations in their respective fields.

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