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Mentor Introduction Service

Mentor Introductions

A lot of the work we do within the Aspiring Women Speakers is sharing information and running roundtables and workshops. Sometimes it can help to connect directly with someone that has been where you are and understands what you're going through. Sometimes, you need a mentor.


We have put together a mentor introduction service in association with the Meet a Mentor, (a community in which 4000 introductions have been made over the last 5 years).


We are taking what has been learned about pairing people together and applying that through this mentor introduction service.


How to connect with a mentor?


Once you've added your details through the form above, we’ll search through our list of mentors to see who we have in our network that matches your profile and request.


Once we have found some profiles we will share them with you for you to select your preferred option(s).


We will then make the introductions and leave you to connect with your mentor to ensure there is suitable chemistry and build an onward relationship.


Will it work?

Maybe..? hopefully..? eventually!


We have found that mentor matchmaking is very much like blind dating, sometimes it leads to a life long partner, sometimes it leads to a one night stand. It's not possible to guarantee success in every connection we make however we do pledge to keep making introductions until you’ve found a connection that works for you.

What can a mentor help me with?

The right mentor can help with a wide array of areas:

  1. How to choose a topic to give your first talk

  2. How to handle nerves and jitters

  3. How to structure a presentation

  4. Where to start with getting involved in speaking

  5. How to step onto the conference circuit

  6. How to get your first keynote speaking gig

  7. ...and just about everything else

Ultimately the idea of connecting with a mentor is to find someone that was once exactly where you are now and has taken more steps forward in their journey. Finding the right mentor will change your life - we would love to help you do that.

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